The Walton’s

Rena Walton – Founder & Director of Across the Pond

Moving to another country is exciting but exhausting at the same time. Our team at Across the Pond went through this exact process themselves. Founder and Director Rena Walton is a native German (Hannover, Lower Saxony) and immigrated to the US after her high school graduation. Rena attended university in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the fields of business administration and finance. Soon after, she got married to her husband Seth Walton, a US native from Virginia. Seth also experienced the relocation process when moving to Germany. During her work with an international investment company, Rena realized the need for relocation assistance, such as finding an apartment or opening an bank account, for expats in Germany. Once determined on the idea, Rena founded Across the Pond with the mission to simplify the relocation process in Germany as well as to break down cultural and language barriers. Today, Across the Pond is assisting students, expats, families, retirees, and companies with their moving situation.


 Our Mission

At Across the Pond, our goal is to assist you in your relocation process to Germany. We coordinate, organize, and manage your move in order to make it as smooth as possible for you. We help our clients find the best solutions for their individual emigration. Based on personal experience, professionalism, as well as insider and local knowledge, we are able to create the most efficient way of relocating.

We are with you the whole way!