Why Across the Pond?


  • Personal experience is invaluable!

  • Our team consists of international specialists who have gone through the immigration process in Germany themselves and know all about the expat life. Due to living experiences in Germany, we have fundamental knowledge of regulations and processes as well as lifestyles and cultural differences.

    • We’ve walked in your shoes before!

  • Never alone – from beginning to end!

  • We are always there for you, starting before you leave your home country and continuing after your arrival in Germany. We plan, organize, and manage all important appointments as well as managing all written and verbal correspondences. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your last days at home.

    • We won’t leave you alone!

  • The difference is in the detail!

  • Experience has taught us that most unnecessary troubles are caused by smaller details, which people tend to underestimate. Our in-depth service plan is uniquely designed to match your needs and to make this move to Germany as smooth as possible. For instance, we contact all local government agencies, such as the driver’s license office, to coordinate your appointments as well as follow up on the necessary paperwork and required documentation.

    • For us, the smaller details are just as important!